Sunday, 20 August | 8:00am – 2:00pm
Scarness Park | Free Entry

Bring your SUP, kayak, blow up toy or home-made raft along to celebrate and encourage whale conservation in Hervey Bay, the whale watch capital of the world. Creativity is encouraged and the more colourful and quirky the better!

Paddle out into the ocean for a minute silence to recognise the importance of the ocean and whales to the world, and particularly the Fraser Coast.

Enjoy environmental speakers, activities and live entertainment throughout the day.

Make sure you pre-register, or register your participation on the day to show your support. You don’t have to paddle out, you just have to be there!


Sam Maddison
Winner of the Gympie Muster Talent Search of 2015, Sam sings and writes songs that come from the heart. Her song 'Frangipani Flowers' won best Original Song at the Norfolk Island Country Music Festival in 2016. As Sam broadens her horizons to include Music Festivals her philosophy of 'following the music' to 'wherever it may lead' seems to be working in her favour.

Just Us
ust Us, local Fraser Coast Duo have been performing at a variety of venues for nearly two years.  Covers of songs such as thinking out loud are made their own due to the creative harmonies that they inject into not only this song, but every song they perform.  When you hear Just Us sing, their sweet harmonies will make you want to hear more.

Leonie Kingdom
Born and raised in Hervey Bay, Leonie Kingdom is an aspiring musician.  Recently as a Road to Discovery contestant, Leonie has recently played at the Queenscliff music festival along-side many artists such as Lisa Mitchell & Missy Higgins. Leonie captivates her audience with her large range of vocals, and ability to play anything from indie/alternative to pop rock. Leonie strives to continuously open people's minds and eyes to the ever changing music realm.